Introduction of Bais Maritiem BV

Our company has been established in 1958 and is based in the port of IJmuiden, The Netherlands. The small crew of Bais Maritiem B.V. has a close affection towards shipping, and because of its location, particularly to FISHING.

Our main daily business covers various aspects in the maritime industry:


in the fishing industry this does not only cover the bare steel but also the licenses, tonnage, quota’s etc.

Some of our recent activities were the sale of several eurocutters to the South / East coast of Ierland – the sale of one of the largest beam trawlers of the Belgium fleet to the United Kingdom including all necessary licences involved – two in the ’80 built beamtrawlers under UK flag including licences and track records – various EU decommissioned ex Dutch trawlers to Australia, Croatia, South Africa, Namibia and Spain. Afterwards these vessels have been used as longliners, trawlers and even purse seiners. Further we managed a few charter / rental contracts on for instance a deep sea longliner to New Zealand and a trawler under Norwegian flag.

Besides the fishingtrawlers we also deal in other sorts of seagoing tonnage (see our site ’Various Tonnage’)


in this scope we enjoy a good reputation because of our yearlong experience in the studies on all kinds of newbuilding projects and conversions which regularly result in orders for shipyards all through Europe.

Our successes in this field a.o. are the guidance and construction of about more then a dozen newbuildings in various countries as The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and even Canada consisting of various fishing trawlers varying in size from 21 mtr upto 140 mtr. Different types of tugboats and aluminium highspeed catamarans / workboats for the wind enery industry.


for these activities we are usually appointed by shipowners, banking institutes and insurance companies. No matter where or what the tonnage is, a valuation can be drawn up.